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Amco Products, Inc. carries an extensive inventory of standard products which allows us to quickly process our customers orders with a minimum of lead time. Our product value, as defined by purchase price per number of screws driven, is among the highest in the fastener drive industry.

All Amco driver products are manufactured using proprietary machining and heat treating processes with the highest quality assurance techniques, including statistical process control to strict specifications.

Amco was the first Torx-Plus® licensee and we offer a broad inventory of Torx-Plus® products. The Torx-Plus® Drive System outperforms other drive systems in driver bit life, average bit strength and drive tool tolerance.

It has always been and continues to be our goal to manufacture high quality specialty screw machine products for our clients. Our engineering and sales team, in conjunction with our distributor network, can assist you in solving your fastener drive problems quickly, easily and economically.




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P.O. Box 292860

Kettering, Ohio 45429


500 North Smithville Road

Dayton, Ohio 45431


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